City FarmingA Howto Guide toSheep KeepingThe ProiessionoSmalilholder seriesPalga Page and Kim HamerGrowing Crops andRaising Livestock in UrbanSpacesari Spence£14.95Providing veterinarynformation to the shoopsrnainider this book providesdvanced gudance to tmehobby st farmerCITYCty Farmino addrosses theprobiome the urban tarmormight face and turno them intocreative polutionsFor Love of theClydesdale HorseRMINGNovember 2017ISeN 9781950455837£24.95Novombèr 2017S8N 9781310456806£24.95Scotand's only native beavy horsethe Clydesdale has been expartedall ovor tho world. Ho is rocognisedas having infiuenced heavy horseuse across the gobeFor Loveof the Clydesdaie Horse is aphotographic celobration of all thamakes this brood uniqueSmallholdingConventional andOrganic FarmingA Comprehensive Reviewthrough the Lens ofFor Love of the Cydesdale Horsencludes 125 full colour pholographsshowing the Clydesdale at workrest, rdden and in the public eyeThis book will be of irberest to thededicated Clydesdale fotowerbrooder and enthusiast as wel asequestrian and generai readersA Beginner's Guide to RoisingLivestock and Growing Gardenonventionalganic. Farm,Smallholding ProduceAgricultural ScienceGeorgina StaM Shonochsof smalhoding for the beginneSrtathoking tsa practical guido togrowing food and farming ivestockProvidos an even handed andOcober 2017ol the contributions of organcJanary 2018£55.00Janaby 20858N 9781990455999£24.95Everything you need to know about rearing and caring for livestock, growing and harvesting crops ormanaging energy sources can be found in our wide selection of titles5mOrder online at or email

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City Farming A Howto Guide to Sheep Keeping The Proiessiono Smalilholder series Palga Page and Kim Hamer Growing Crops and Raising Livestock in Urban Spaces ari Spence £14.95 Providing veterinary nformation to the shoop srnainider this book provides dvanced gudance to tme hobby st farmer CITY Cty Farmino addrosses the probiome the urban tarmor might face and turno them into creative polutions For Love of the Clydesdale Horse RMING November 2017 ISeN 9781950455837 £24.95 Novombèr 2017 S8N 9781310456806 £24.95 Scotand's only native beavy horse the Clydesdale has been exparted all ovor tho world. Ho is rocognised as having infiuenced heavy horse use across the gobeFor Love of the Clydesdaie Horse is a photographic celobration of all tha makes this brood unique Smallholding Conventional and Organic Farming A Comprehensive Review through the Lens of For Love of the Cydesdale Horse ncludes 125 full colour pholographs showing the Clydesdale at work rest, rdden and in the public eye This book will be of irberest to the dedicated Clydesdale fotower brooder and enthusiast as wel as equestrian and generai readers A Beginner's Guide to Roising Livestock and Growing Garden onventional ganic. Farm, Smallholding Produce Agricultural Science Georgina Sta M Shonochs of smalhoding for the beginne Srtathoking tsa practical guido to growing food and farming ivestock Providos an even handed and Ocober 2017 ol the contributions of organc Janary 2018 £55.00 Janaby 208 58N 9781990455999 £24.95 Everything you need to know about rearing and caring for livestock, growing and harvesting crops or managing energy sources can be found in our wide selection of titles 5m Order online at or email